Programming at LabWeek

LabWeek is hosted alongside Edge Esmeralda which is structured as a giant unconference.

We seeded the schedule with many sessions and activities to get things started, but the real magic is when you all arrive and start forming workshops, discussion groups, running clubs, babysitting groups, and beyond together on the ground. See details below on how to contribute to the programming.

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Get Started with Zupass

Step 3

Claim your ticket at

Make sure to use the email associated with your ticket (from step 1)!

Step 4

When you log in at, you should see a folder called “Edge Esmeralda”.

If so, you’re ready to go onto the next step and log into Social Layer!

Social Layer: view & create events

Step 2

Select Zupass from the options, which will pop up a separate window to authenticate you

Step 3

Select your Edge Esmeralda ticket and click “Prove”

IRL Gatherings

Network ahead of your arrival!

Join our attendee directory

We encourage you to add yourself to our attendee directory – IRL Gatherings to make the most of both gatherings. It is designed to help you find & connect with other attendees who share your interests, allowing for pre-event networking and easier scheduling of in-person meetings during/after the event.

Maximize your experience

Whether you're looking to collaborate on new projects or simply want to meet like-minded individuals, IRL Gatherings is your go-to resource to plan your time effectively and enhance your experience at Edge Esmeralda & LabWeek Field Building.

Directory profile & access

To use IRL Gatherings, you need to have a profile in the PL Directory. To create one, simply click the Join button on the IRL Gatherings page and fill out your information. You’ll receive an onboarding email shortly after to claim your directory profile.

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All events are optional?

Yes! This is a choose-your-own-adventure event, so please choose the events, sessions, arrival and departure dates, and activities that are interesting and relevant for you. A bunch of us are actively working on putting together a fantastic schedule. Please jump in to help make this thing a thing that helps you.

Can I host an event?

Yes, absolutely! We encourage anyone to host events during LabWeek. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Identify a topic that you know a thing or two about, and think others should care more about. There is a wide variety of topics you can pick from, such as AI, Neurotech, VR/AR, and more.
  • Recruit folks you collaborate regularly with to help shape the content of your event.

You will have total control over the structure of your event. Morning of talks & afternoon of discussion? Go for it! Required reading before attendance? Sounds great. Add your event to Social Layer and we’ll see you there!

I'm in! How do I register for LabWeek events?

Great! Check out the schedule, and register for any events that you’re interested in. Each event is independently managed, and may have different policies for ticketing and registration. We invite you to join as many events as you are able to.

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