Healdsburg, CA|June 10-16, 2024

A Decentralized Conference by Protocol Labs

In collaboration with

About LabWeek Field Building

Created by Protocol Labs and co-curated by Foresight Institute, LabWeek Field Building gathers leading individuals and teams from frontier science to drive progress. Alongside the main tracks of Neurotech, Human-AI Cooperation, Longevity, and Extended Reality, LabWeek covers Nanotech, Space Exploration, DeSci, and more.

LabWeek will take place in Edge Esmeralda, a temporary city in Healdsburg, CA, designed to foster innovation, meaningful encounters, interdisciplinary synergies, and collaboration.

Contributing Teams

Protocol Labs
Foresight Institute
Edge City
Fathom Radiant
Convergent Research
Atlas Computing Initiative
Murmuration Labs
Orange DAO
AI Objectives Institute
Linden Lab
Zander Labs
DeSci London
WYSS Institute
Wise Ancestors
BE Therapeutics
The Longevity Fund
Gordian Biotechnologies
Research Collective
YouthBio Therapeutics
E11 Bio
University of Basel
MIT Fluid Interface Group
Forest Neurotech
UCSC Genomics Institute
Indigenous Futures Institute
Quantonation Fund
Symmetry Institute
Feerst Legal
University of Oxford
Open Longevity

Featured Speakers

Adam Marblestone
Convergent Research
Allison Duettmann
Foresight Institute
Eric Dawson
Eric Wollberg
Joscha Bach
Juan Benet
Protocol Labs
Philip Rosedale
Linden Lab
Primavera de Filippi
Anastasia Ershova
WYSS Institute
Laura Deming
Longevity Fund
Martin Borch Jensen
Gordian Biotechnologies
Michael Andregg
Fathom Radiant
Alex Feerst
Feerst Legal
Anastasia Gamick
Convergent Research
Jun Axup
E11 Bio
Stephen Zerfas
Camilo Rojas
MIT Fluid Interface Group
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What is Protocol Labs?

Protocol Labs is made up of 600+ independent teams working together to drive breakthroughs in computing. Our work spans the innovation pipeline, from early research projects to successful startups that reach millions of users.

What is LabWeek?

LabWeek is a decentralized conference convened by network teams in Protocol Labs. Taking place in emerging tech hubs around the world, it’s a chance for PL network teams to connect, collaborate and innovate across their fields of expertise. Events span topics such as zk proofs, AI, neurotech, decentralized storage, public goods funding, blockchain scalability, DePIN, cryptoeconomics, DeSci, and many more.

This year, there are 3 LabWeeks focused on Public Goods, Field Building and Web3. Join us for a week of summits, research-focused seminars, engineering workshops, unconferences, and happy hours that are open to anyone interested in learning more.

Who is it for?
LabWeek is attended by Protocol Labs network teams from around the world, and is also open to the public. LabWeek is for subject experts, those who want to share big ideas, go deeper on conversations, debate issues and possible solutions. If you’re interested in connecting with like-minded individuals working at the forefront of emerging tech, then LabWeek is for you.
When will it take place?
LabWeek I Field Building will be from June 10 to June 16, 2024.
Where will it take place?
LabWeek is a decentralized conference and events will take place in Healdsburg, California in the US, as part of Edge Esmeralda.
What is Edge Esmeralda?

Edge Esmeralda is a "popup village" for people who believe the future can be better and are actively working to make it happen. It is taking place in Healdsburg, California, June 2-30.

We aim for this to be the healthiest and most productive time of your year — a place to go deep in your work and learn from fellow experts in other fields while incubating novel technology and ways of living.

This gathering is also a prototype for a permanent new town, Esmeralda. The lessons we learn will be carried forward to build this long-term vision.

You can learn more about Edge Esmeralda in this letter from the organizers.

Who is Edge Esmeralda for?

The village will be filled with high-agency people who are building towards a better future: founders, scientists, urban planners, researchers, engineers, philosophers, storytellers, and beyond. We look for thoughtful people who are brilliant, curious, and kind.

Families with kids are welcome. We will have childcare and fun activities for the whole family throughout the month. One of our major goals is to integrate family life with creative life.

If you’re a Sonoma County local, you can skip the application process altogether. Click here to purchase an access pass for Edge Esmeralda.

Can I host an event?

Yes, absolutely! We encourage anyone to host events during LabWeek. Here’s what’s involved:

  • Identify a topic that you know a thing or two about, and think others should care more about in the frontier science space.
  • Recruit folks you collaborate regularly with to help shape the content of your event.
  • You will have total control over the structure of your event. Morning of talks & afternoon of discussion? Go for it! Required reading before attendance? Sounds great.

The LabWeek team will work with you to help situate your track in the broader schedule, give feedback, and help to make your event great. If you are interested in hosting an event, please send us an email at spaceport@protocol.ai.

All sessions are optional?!?

Yes! This is a choose-your-own-adventure event, so please choose the events, sessions, arrival and departure dates, and activities that are interesting and relevant for you.

A bunch of us are actively working on putting together a fantastic schedule. Please jump in to help make this thing a thing that helps you.

How does lodging work?

Read more about housing for Edge Esmeralda on a dedicated post on their blog.

As a summary, you have two options:

  • You can coordinate your own lodging.
  • As an add-on to your ticket, Edge Esmeralda will coordinate lodging for you.

    • Edge Esmeralda has reserved a hotel block at a discounted rate to make lodging more affordable, & we’re working with a great local accommodation partner to hold homes as well.
    • There is limited space, so we recommend signing up for lodging as soon as they release tickets. If you sign up for updates, they’ll let you know as soon as they open up ticket sales & lodging sign ups.
Do I need a visa to attend?

Attendees are responsible for checking requirements and arranging their own visas to the US. Please note that visas and any fees to support obtaining your visa is up to the individual to cover the cost of these services. We are unable to provide personalized invitation letters for attendance.

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